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The Creator Friendly Crowdfunding Platform

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Empowering creators to run campaigns their way.

Crowdfundr has everything you’d expect from a mature crowdfunding platform that has already served 200,000+ campaigns and raised over $250M. It’s easy to use, secure, privacy oriented and full-featured.

It’s the things Crowdfundr does that you wouldn’t expect that make us the most creator friendly crowdfunding platform in the known universe!

Let’s dig in.

Your Campaign, You Choose on How to Run It

You decide how we get paid

We offer three pricing plans and let you decide which one works best for your needs. Best of all, with our Simply Free plan, we charge you nothing. That’s right, it’s free! Learn more

All-or-Nothing, or Keep-it-All

It’s your choice, not ours. With All-or-Nothing you and your supporters will be working together towards a funding goal - everyone wins or no one does. With Keep-it-All you get paid out over the course of the campaign and make only as many orders as you received.

Receive Funding ASAP

No need to wait until the campaign is over. If your All-or-Nothing campaign hits your goal early, you can choose to deposit funding immediately and get started fulfilling rewards for your supporters sooner.

Run Concurrent Campaigns

Want to crowdfund an entire line, or create monthly campaigns? You can run multiple campaigns at once, and have your crowds feed into each one.

Sustainable and Continuous Crowdfunding

Rollover into a Store

Once your campaign is over, you can keep selling your inventory from the same campaign. This is great if you want to:

  • Take advantage of all the marketing you put into driving people to the campaign.
  • Put new rewards onto the page, for people to order and have included with their initial rewards.
  • Provide a way for people who missed out on the main campaign to still buy.

Campaign Tools that Support You

Real Goal Numbers

We don’t include shipping costs in campaign totals, so you don’t need to inflate what you really need to hit your goal.

More Reward Choice for Supporters

Your supporters can choose more than one reward at a time. No need to create complicated tiers or bundles.

Supporter Social Sharing

Crowdfundr prompts your supporters to share your campaign with their social networks. Your passionate supporters are the best way to find new supporters.

Add-on Shipping

Each reward can have regular and add-on shipping costs. Shipping costs are calculated using the item with the highest regular shipping cost first and everything else selected is charged at the add-on rate.

What other creators are saying about us

I am over the moon with Crowdfundr! The interface is incredibly easy to use. Visually it is very slick. This is without a doubt the easiest campaign I've ever set up and I would recommend it to anyone.

Lee NewmanSeptember 27, 2022

The team behind Crowdfundr has been amazing - responsive to emails and requests, quick to fix issues, and most importantly, engaged with creators at every step of the way to develop and launch a crowdfunding platform that meets the needs of artists, publishers, and creatives without the baggage of blockchain and Web3.0. We worked with Crowdfundr to launch a major project and we received an intense amount of support from their team. I could not recommend them more highly.

Alex HoffmanAugust 07, 2022

We recently starting using Crowdfundr, and the experience has been great so far. A nice clean site, with some interesting options - we went for the nearly free option, and have been impressed/pleased by the number of backers who've pledged a little extra to support our campaign. Our first campaign raised more than our equivalent first campaign on another well-known platform, so we'll definitely use again.

Simon BirksJuly 15, 2022

I've been extremely impressed with the responsiveness of the team behind Crowdfundr. They listen to feedback about their crowdfunding platform and are honestly interested in improving the experience for both creators and supporters. The tools provided are excellent: the ability to clone previous campaigns, to duplicate perks, and being able to roll over a crowdfunding campaign into an online pre-order shop are all useful! I feel like my small press projects at Black Eye Books are well served by the platform!

Michel VranaJuly 14, 2022

Are you an Indie Publisher or Studio?

Check out Crowdfundr Professional to see unique features made just for you.

Brand your Crowdfundr pages

Run branded crowdfunding campaigns with your logo, colours, fonts and backgrounds. We fade into the background and you take centre stage.

Collaborate with Creators

With Crowdfundr’s advanced permissions settings, you can add creators, promoters, campaign managers, and others to the team. Depending on their role, team members can post updates, follow up with supporters and participate in making the campaign a success.

Charitable Projects

Not only are you allowed to run charitable projects, if you’re a nonprofit, Crowdfundr will automatically produce tax receipts and send them to your backers.

Empowering creators to run campaigns their way

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