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Unbeatable free crowdfunding for comics

We offer three pricing models to get your project funded for free, or with minimal costs. You can keep more of what you raised on Crowdfundr and put the extra money into marketing, hire additional illustrators, and attend more conventions.

Get funded ASAP

Our Keep-It-All campaigns leave no room for doubt for those who want to work on their project or fulfill perks and rewards right away. Your funds are processed in real time, giving you the power and freedom to work whenever you want.

Branded and free storefront

Even when your graphic novel crowdfunding campaign is over, you can keep selling your inventory from the same campaign. This is great if you want to add new rewards or provide a way for backers who missed out on the main campaign to still buy.

Run multiple comic book crowdfunding campaigns

Want to crowdfund for an entire line of comic anthology or monthly zine campaigns? Easily run multiple campaigns at once and have all your supporters feed into each one.

Real goal numbers

There is no need to inflate your campaign goal because we don’t include shipping costs in campaign totals. Not to mention, rewards can also have regular and add-on shipping costs.

Supporter social sharing

Our comic book crowdfunding pages prompt your supporters to share your campaign with their social networks. Your passionate backers are the best way to expand your reach and attract new supporters.

Successful comic crowdfunding campaigns from our one-of-a-kind community

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How these brilliant comic creators and illustrators get their project successfully funded on Crowdfundr

Black Phoenix

By Floating World ComicsBlack Phoenix is a comics magazine featuring original characters and stories of various genres – all dreamed up by author and illustrator, Rich Tommaso.

This comic magazine raised over:


157% of $20k goal
Here’s how they did it:
  • They posted regular updates to keep supporters informed of shipping and fulfillment.
  • They had an engaging video as the main campaign graphic to showcase how the comic looks like.
  • They had lots of reward choices for backers – limited edition, signed copies, digital edition, and more!

That Distant Fire

By J.R. Hughto & Curt Merlo

That Distant Fire is a dystopian sci-fi graphic novel that tells a harrowing and intelligent story with beautifully drawn illustrations.

This graphic novel raised over:


337% of $5k goal
Here’s how they did it:
  • Aside from the abundance of rewards, they also had add-ons like production artwork, postcards, and more.
  • They had three stretch goals that kept supporters motivated to share and back the campaign.
  • They created an engaging trailer that depicts the comic to grab the attention of supporters.

The Taddle Creek Book

By Taddle Creek

The Taddle Creek Book is a collection of comics, fiction, features, and poetry from many talented creators put together in a 352-page hardcover.

This comic book raised over:


108% of $15k goal
Here’s how they did it:
  • They clearly broke down why they need to crowdfund and how supporters can help.
  • They gave a fun incentive for supporters who pledged for more – a draw to win prizes!
  • They did not shy away from social validation – they got quotes from three Giller Prize nominees talking greatly about the comic.

3 reasons comic creators choose Crowdfundr over other comic crowdfunding platforms

Raise more

We are the only comic book crowdfunding platform that allows creators to maximize the amount of money raised. Here is what you can do with the money saved on Crowdfundr:

  • Put more budget into marketing your comic
  • Have extra budget to cover shipping and fulfillment costs
  • Produce a bigger inventory of stocks
  • Hire additional illustrators and editors
  • Attend and exhibit at more conventions

Pay less

You decide how Crowdfundr gets paid. With our Simply Free plan, you only need to pay for your Stripe/PayPal fees. We keep Crowdfundr free by asking supporters for an optional tip. If they don’t tip, we still charge you nothing.

More freedom

It’s your choice on how you want to run your campaign. With All-or-Nothing, you and your supporters will work together toward a funding goal: everyone wins or no one does! But with Keep-It-All, you get paid out over the course of the campaign and fulfill as many orders as you receive.

What Lucy thinks about Crowdfundr

"It was so easy on Crowdfundr. Being able to easily export all your backer info per reward was really helpful because I have over 250 rewards with varying packages."

Lucy Sullivan

Comic Writer/Artist

Are you a comic book or graphic novel publisher?

Crowdfundr Professional has exclusive features made just for you.

Brand and marketing

Run verified comic crowdfunding campaigns with your own logo and brand colors. Customize copyright messages and system generated emails like contributions and updates to make the crowdfunding experience more integrated for your supporters.

More campaign control

Easily add as many campaigns and creators as you want, whenever you need. If you have a collection of campaigns that are related but separated by time or rewards, you can group them together under one main campaign.

Advanced team management

Invite comic creators, teammates, promoters, or vendors to work with you. Adjust their role and level of access so each individual can focus on tasks that matters most to them.

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