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Code of Ethics and

 Permitted Use

Last update status: Updated March 2023


The main goal of this Code of Ethics is to communicate the values and principles we use in our daily work and decision making, establish a culture of openness and transparency, and highlight the importance of fair business practices. The following Code of Ethics applies to employees, contractors and users of the Crowdfundr platform.


ConnectionPoint is a social impact company and a strong proponent of the arts and sciences as an essential aspect of the human experience. We created Crowdfundr to help creators fund their dream projects.

ConnectionPoint functions in accordance with the laws of Canada. ConnectionPoint is fully committed to the principles of honesty, integrity and fair play. ConnectionPoint reserves the right to close campaigns posted to Crowdfundr that violate our Code of Ethics at our discretion.

Respect, Tolerance, and Responsible Behaviour

  • We strongly believe in diversity and inclusion. All people regardless of ethnicity, ability, orientation, or how they identify are welcome.
  • People who publicly promote a non-inclusive ideology or advance a movement that is not fully inclusive, may not run campaigns on Crowdfundr.
  • We affirm that art is an expression of the human condition and that the human condition includes unsavoury elements such as discrimination, bigotry, violence, hate, harassment, and abuse. While campaigns may contain depictions of those types of actions for the purpose of artistic expression, they may not advocate for recruitment to hate groups or incitement to commit such acts.
  • We acknowledge sexuality as a part of the human condition. While campaigns may run for creations of a mature and even explicit nature, we do not allow posting of explicit samples on Crowdfundr in order to abide by laws intended to protect minors.

Protect the environment and society

  • We aim to remain a carbon neutral company.
  • We always choose social good over revenue.
  • We do not allow crowdfunding projects that are intended to harm the environment, animals, or any group of people in any way.
  • We do not use blockchain or allow projects involving cryptocurrency or NFT.
  • We do not allow crowdfunding projects for items that can be used to harm oneself or others, such as weapons, ammunition, drugs, tobacco, or accessories related to these items.

Trust & Safety

  • The safety of Crowdfundr’s users and their personal data is our priority. We maintain the highest standards for data protection and secure payments.
  • We are determined to detect and eliminate any fraudulent activities on our platform as quickly as possible.
  • We prioritise transparency of the platform features and services. We want to be sure that our customers are fully aware of how the platform functions and they do not risk suffering any damage as a result of misinformation or ambiguity.


We recognize our team, creators, and their supporters as a community of people, who treat each other with respect and support one another. We equally value the opinions and feedback of all community members and commit to staying attentive and mindful towards each one of them.

Common decency and the rule of law

Everything we do is in adherence to the rule of law and with an eye toward common decency or better. Our creators must do the same and not engage in any fraudulent or misleading behaviour. As we are not licensed to sell securities, host gambling, or run raffles, campaigns may not offer them.

Intellectual property

Every piece of work published on the platform by a creator must be, and will remain, the intellectual property of that creator. We fully understand and value the importance of intellectual rights and expect all platform users to do so as well.

Fair competition

We treat our competitors as we treat each other – with dignity and respect. We do not engage in any deceptive practices that might economically harm our competitors or their customers.


We keep our work standards high and put our best efforts to serve people’s needs. We treat every task, even the smallest one, with responsibility and enthusiasm.