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This is the place to learn about the whole crowdfunding process from soup to well, soup if that’s what you’re creating. But you’ll need a bowl, and ingredients, and some way to make it, and then serve it. And that’s what this place is all about – helping you get that entire process done with whatever it is you’re creating.


May 8, 2022

Campaign Best Practices Checklist

This checklist will help you see if you've applied best practices that we've seen in successful crowdfunding campaigns.
May 7, 2022

Campaign Strategy Toolkit

In this toolkit you'll get a step by step guide to developing your campaign strategy, from choosing your goal to testing the likelihood of your success.
October 20, 2022

Campaign Success Guide

We’ve analyzed our campaigns that reached their goals, and have found 6 key factors they’ve all shared. Learn what they are, plus find practical tips and worksheets to apply them to your…

Recorded Sessions

Recorded Sessions
January 24, 2023

Crowdfundr Roundtable Discussions: Indie Publishers

In this very first episode of Crowdfundr Roundtable Discussions, indie comic publishers Sean Michale Robinson from Living The Line, Michel Vrana from Black Eye Books, and Keith WTS Morris from…
Recorded Sessions
March 27, 2023

How to set a realistic and achievable campaign goal: Stretch goals, bundles, add-ons and more!

One of the most common questions our strategists receive is ‘How do I choose my goal?’ Join our crowdfunding strategist Shan Reeb as she takes you through the four main…
Recorded Sessions
January 9, 2023

What Makes Crowdfundr the Creator Friendly Crowdfunding Platform

This is the recording of a special event in partnership with our friends at Comix Well Spring. In this session for comics creators, we talked about why Crowdfundr is a great alternative platform…