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Meet Crowdfundr – the new kid in town that has already impressed the comics community. Since its launch in late June 2022, it got the attention from creators and comics publications like ComicBook, Bleeding Cool and others. Powerful, creator-friendly, and most importantly, FREE crowdfunding platform where you can run projects the way you like: no goal and deadline restrictions, flexible perks and your own branding. 

Watch this webinar with Daman and Gus (Head of Cuteness) to learn more about the platform and how it helps you as a creator to fund your projects as well as strengthen your relationships with supporters.


  • Crowdfunding campaign types you can run on Crowdfundr
  • Let’s keep the money flowing: launching one-time or continuous crowdfunding campaigns
  • Top platform features that will save your time and increase your efficiency 
  • Rewards – ways to creatively incentivize your supporters 
  • Difference between Simply Free and Nearly Free pricing 

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