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January 2023

Tabletop Nonstop

Crowdfunding platform designed to support creators

Free - wait, what?

Yup, free. We offer a few pricing options to choose from and with Simply Free we charge you absolutely nothing. How’s that for creator friendly crowdfunding? Learn more

Morphable into a Store

Once your crowdfunding is over, you can keep selling your inventory from the same campaign page. All the effort you put into getting people to your campaign in the first place will continue working in your favour. 

Social Sharing Superpowers

Crowdfundr prompts you and your supporters to spread the word far and wide through social networks. Fans are the ultimate recommendation engine. 

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Creator HUB, a community for creators

Join our free and open-access Creator Hub community to learn, network and share knowledge about crowdfunding, successful project management and running a creative business. 

  • AMAs and events with Crowdfundr team and industry experts
  • Creator groups to stay connected with peers and community members
  • Toolkits for successful campaigns, as well as coaching from crowdfunding strategists

Putting People and the Planet First

Crowdfundr is powered by ConnectionPoint, the premier platform for collaborative funding founded in 2009. Crowdfundr’s sister platform FundRazr has advanced social impact in 100 countries by raising $250M+ across 200,000 crowdfunding projects. Supporting creators and the arts is a continuation of our social good heritage.