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Crowdfundr Professional

More Crowdfunding Power
Same Free Pricing

The only creator-centric crowdfunding platform designed from the ground up to give indie companies and nonprofits the extra tools they need to crowdfund projects for, and with, their creators.

Crowdfundr Professional is made for indie:

  • Publishers
  • Studios
  • Labels
  • Festivals
  • Conventions

Crowdfundr Professional Enterprise Edition is great for any entity that serves creators and/or indie businesses:

  • Art schools
  • Associations
  • Fiscal Sponsors
  • Service Providers
  • Collectives

Crowdfundr has everything you’d expect from a mature crowdfunding platform that has already served 200,000+ campaigns and raised over $250M. It’s easy to use, secure, privacy oriented and full-featured.

Crowdfundr Professional builds on that solid base and adds in what no other crowdfunding platform provides, with advanced features for managing effective crowdfunding for indie businesses.

Are you an indie creator that likes advanced features?

Crowdfundr Professional is open to you too! No restrictions and no limits.
Crowdfunding that supports the way you want to get funded.

Crowdfundr Professional’s Exclusive Features

Crowdfundr is the only crowdfunding company that has built a dedicated platform for indie companies and nonprofits to manage theirs, and their creator’s campaigns with secure and efficient administrative tools. No need for workarounds, no more having to game the system.

Run as many campaigns as you want, easily, efficiently, and whenever you need them.

Brand and Marketing

Your Logo

We let you replace our logo at the top of the page with your logo. That’s because we care more about your success than our vanity.


Choose colours, fonts, copyright message and more to make your campaign feel more integrated with your brand. You can even add your own navigation menu in the header.

Branded Emails

System generated emails for contributions, updates, and more will go out with your logo and colours and will be delivered with your reply-to email name and address.

Tracking and Analytics

In addition to campaign level tracking and analytics, you can set up and view organization level tracking and analytics for a holistic overview of all of your activity.

Organization Widgets

In addition to campaign widgets that you can embed on your website, you can set up collection widgets to aggregate all of your campaigns, or only certain ones via tagging.

Mailchimp Integration

If you use Mailchimp, you can add subscribers to your email lists directly from your checkout pages.

If you haven’t yet checked it out – See Crowdfundr Features – before you dig in to Crowdfundr Professional.

More Campaign Control

No Campaign Limits

Run as many campaigns as you want, for as many creators as you want. Easily, efficiently, and whenever you need them.

Series Based Campaigns

If you have a collection of campaigns that are related, but separate by either time or rewards, you can group them all together under a main campaign.

Clone Campaigns

If you have similar campaigns or you want to have an easy starting point for all future campaigns, you can easily clone a previous campaign and modify it.

Transactions Reporting

View and search all transactions across all of your campaigns in one easy place.

Advanced Team Management

Add Your Team

With Crowdfundr’s advanced permissions settings, you can add your teammates, promoters, vendors, and others to work with you on your campaigns. Their level of access to functionality is determined by the role you set for them.

Invite Your Creators

Invite each creator to participate in their campaigns. They won’t have access to any other campaign, but in their own they can post updates, follow up with supporters and participate in making the campaign a success.

Tasks Management

Assign tasks to members of your team to maintain effective workflow.

Get Verified

Verified Badge

Getting your blue check verified badge is easy and free. Simply reach out to our care team and they will step you through it.

More Contacts

Verified Crowdfundr Professional users can upload 10,000 contacts into the platform.

Edit Rewards

Once verified, you will have more control over editing rewards including after the first order has been placed.

Nonprofit Features

Fundraising Tools

In addition to crowdfunding for your creators, you’ll also be able to fundraise for your nonprofit using a variety of fundraising campaign styles including a simple donation form, events based fundraising, peer-to-peer and more.

Tax Receipts

The platform will automatically issue tax receipts on your behalf. If you are using rewards, you can indicate the value of the reward for the tax receipt.

Raiser’s Edge

Crowdfundr Professional includes an integration to Raiser’s Edge through Importacular.


GiftAid support is available for charities in the UK.


Get up and running with Minimal Effort

Setting up Crowdfundr Professional for your indie busines or nonprofit takes minimal effort and you can easily do it on your own. We are also there to support you every step of the way. You take care of your creators, we’ll take care of your crowdfunding.

Crowdfundr Professional - Enterprise Edition

Perfect for Art schools, Associations, Fiscal Sponsors, Service Providers, Collectives and others looking to serve creators and creator businesses.

Enterprise Edition gives you a platform to manage crowdfunding for all the creators you support. You can add and oversee all of your clients, members, students and others, while giving them fine-tuned and secure permissions to control campaigns, and engagement.

You can choose to have contributed funds flow from all of the business and creators running under your Enterprise Edition to your account for centralized financial controls, or have the funds flow to each organization independently.

  • Serve your community of artists and creators
  • Improve satisfaction
  • Increase revenue
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