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Keep more of what you raised

We offer three pricing models to get your film funded for free, or as close to free as possible. Keep more of what you raise on Crowdfundr and put the extra money into good use like marketing, upgrading filming or editing equipment, and hiring more staff.

Receive funding ASAP

There’s no second guessing when it comes to the money you raised. With Keep-it-All campaigns, funds are processed in real time so you can start your project or fulfill perks and rewards for your supporters right away.

Continuous crowdfunding for film

Don’t let your crowdfunding efforts stop even when your goal is reached. Keep the same campaign active and take advantage of the marketing you put into driving traffic to it, add new rewards, or continue to raise money post-production.

Enticing reward choices for supporters

Add a custom picture to your rewards so supporters know exactly what they are getting. Your supporters can easily choose more than one reward at a time. No more complicated tiers or confusing bundles.

Supporter social sharing

Our movie crowdfunding pages inspire supporters to share your campaign. With advanced social sharing tools, intuitive visual storytelling, and engaging mobile-friendly pages, your supporters simply can’t turn away.

Shipping and fulfillment that make sense

Each reward can have regular and add-on shipping fees. Not to mention, shipping costs do not count towards your goal so you have an accurate idea of how much you’ve raised.

What other creators are saying about us

I am over the moon with Crowdfundr! The interface is incredibly easy to use. Visually it is very slick. This is without a doubt the easiest campaign I've ever set up and I would recommend it to anyone.

Lee NewmanSeptember 27

The team behind Crowdfundr has been amazing - responsive to emails and requests, quick to fix issues, and most importantly, engaged with creators at every step of the way to develop and launch a crowdfunding platform that meets the needs of artists, publishers, and creatives without the baggage of blockchain and Web3.0. We worked with Crowdfundr to launch a major project and we received an intense amount of support from their team. I could not recommend them more highly.

Alex HoffmanAugust 07

We recently starting using Crowdfundr, and the experience has been great so far. A nice clean site, with some interesting options - we went for the nearly free option, and have been impressed/pleased by the number of backers who've pledged a little extra to support our campaign. Our first campaign raised more than our equivalent first campaign on another well-known platform, so we'll definitely use again.

Simon BirksJuly 15

I've been extremely impressed with the responsiveness of the team behind Crowdfundr. They listen to feedback about their crowdfunding platform and are honestly interested in improving the experience for both creators and supporters. The tools provided are excellent: the ability to clone previous campaigns, to duplicate perks, and being able to roll over a crowdfunding campaign into an online pre-order shop are all useful! I feel like my small press projects at Black Eye Books are well served by the platform!

Michel VranaJuly 14

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How these intrepid filmmakers and movie directors get their project successfully funded on Crowdfundr

I Wish I were Pretty

Short Film – DramaI Wish I Were Pretty is an impactful story about Areum, and her journey to navigate insecurities, friendship, and self-love as a Korean-American woman in today’s beauty standard.

This film crowdfunding campaign raised beyond their goal of


Here’s how they did it:
  • They encouraged supporters to give by offering perks – a personalized thank you message, digital poster, and even a signed copy of the screenplay.
  • They provided a detailed description of their financial needs that allows supporters to understand how their contributions would be used.
  • They had great storytelling by sharing images and videos from behind the scenes that inspired supporters to root for them.

The Batshits

TV series – ComedyThe Batshits is an adventure-musical-comedy TV series that follows three women in the 90s on their story against music in a male-dominated industry.

This film crowdfunding campaign raised beyond their goal of


Here’s how they did it:
  • They set a clear goal, explaining to supporters how their help will give them the opportunity to professionally film a pilot episode
  • They had a fun and engaging video that describes why they are running this crowdfunding campaign and how fans can help
  • They gave a detailed breakdown on what the money would be used for, like camera rentals, sound equipment, artist fees etc.


DocumentaryTERMINAL tells an emotional story about Rachel who received a terminal cancer diagnosis, and her resilience even in the face of harsh obstacles.

This film crowdfunding campaign raised beyond their goal of


Here’s how they did it:
  • They had emotional storytelling – detailing the story behind the documentary, why it matters, and a bio of Martin Krafft the director.
  • They had a timely and specific goal – the documentary was already in its editing stage and they needed their supporters’ help to bring it to completion.
  • They included a trailer of the documentary in the campaign as another way to encourage supporters to back their project. 

3 Reasons Filmmakers choose Crowdfundr Over Other Movie Crowdfunding Platform

Raise more

We are the only crowdfunding for film platform that allows you to maximize the amount of funds raised. Here are some ideas of what you can do with the money you saved on Crowdfundr:

  • Put more budget into marketing and advertising your project
  • Pay yourself or your collaborators more
  • Build a better set to shoot your content in
  • Hire more staff like costume designers, makeup artists, or editors
  • Upgrade filming or editing equipment

Pay less

You decide how Crowdfundr gets paid. With our Simply Free plan, you only need to pay for your Stripe/PayPal fees. We keep Crowdfundr free by asking supporters for an optional tip. If they don’t tip, we still charge you nothing.

More power

Crowdfundr is the most powerful movie crowdfunding platform designed to give filmmakers complete ownership and all the necessary tools they need to bring their story to the big screen. It’s your campaign, so you choose how you want to run it!

Are you an indie film or movie production studio?

Crowdfundr Professional has dedicated features made just for you.

Brand and marketing

Run film crowdfunding campaigns with your own logo, colors, fonts, and backgrounds. Give your motion-picture the center stage and make your supporters feel more connected than ever.

Advanced team management

Easily add your film crew members, promoters, and staff to work with you on the campaigns. Adjust their level of access for ease of task management.

Get verified

Getting your blue verified badge is easy and free. Verified Crowdfundr Professional users can upload 10,000 contacts into the platform and have more control over rewards.

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