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A Business Model Designed to Support Creators.

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These numbers are estimated based on historical averages from more than 200,000 campaigns. Actual cost with all models is dependent on Stripe/PayPal fees, and with Nearly Free, amount of participation in fee recovery.

Crowdfundr‘s innovative pricing is designed to accomplish four things:


Give creator’s a way to fund their projects for free, or as close to free as possible (credit card fees notwithstanding).


Support the way creators choose to do business.


Respect the relationship between creators and their supporters.


Ensure that we can continue to exist as a business, so we can keep offering free crowdfunding to creators.

You, the creator, get to decide how we're paid.

These are your options:

Simply Free

You only pay for your Stripe/PayPal fees and we ask your supporters for a tip. If they tip, we get paid. If they don’t tip, we still charge you nothing.

Yup, Free. We charge you nothing.

Average* cost to you: 3.5%

Nearly Free

We ask supporters to cover the 5% platform fee and your Stripe/PayPal fees on your behalf. They nearly always do, but if not then you cover the fees.

5% platform fee with fee recovery.

Average* cost to you: 2%

Not Free

We charge you 5% – you know, like the competition does. Additionally, Stripe/PayPal charge their fees. We don’t ask your supporters for anything.

5% platform fee.

Average* cost to you: 8.5%
*Actual cost with all models is dependent on Stripe/PayPal fees, and with Nearly Free, amount of participation in fee recovery.

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, you can keep more of what you raised on Crowdfundr.

What can you do with the money saved on Crowdfundr? Here are some ideas:

Attend more festivals, events, or conventions to promote your work

Give yourself or your collaborators a bigger paycheck

Offer more perks and rewards to your supporters like producing limited edition swags

Do more press releases, partnerships, or collaborations to expand your network

Allocate more budget into marketing and advertising your project

Successful campaigns on Crowdfundr

Which one should I choose?

I’m risk averse

The best plan for you is Simply Free. With this plan you know that your only crowdfunding fees are going to be the Stripe/PayPal fees.

I want to get my fees as low as possible

You should consider the Nearly Free plan. With this plan we ask your supporters to cover our fee and the Stripe/PayPal fees. More often than not they do, which means that your costs will end up being less than the Simply Free plan. There is some risk, because if your supporters don’t cover the costs, then your fees could end up to be more than Simply Free, but still less than Not Free.

I don’t want my supporters to be asked for anything extra

The Not Free plan is for you. We won’t ask your supporters for any additional funds to cover costs. This is still a cost effective plan at industry standard pricing.

Which do you recommend most and why?

Because the Nearly Free plan is almost always the closest to free out of our three plans, this is the one we recommend. We do not earn any more money from the Nearly Free plan than we do from the others.

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