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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a Supporter

What is Crowdfundr?

Crowdfundr is a ConnectionPoint platform for supporting creators and the arts. Creators post campaigns to raise money to complete their projects. You can choose to support their project and in return you may have the option to select a reward that the creators will send to you when the project is completed.

What’s the difference between an All-or-Nothing and Keep-it-All campaign?

All-or-Nothing campaigns are used when the creator needs to hit a certain funding goal in order to be able to complete the project. If they reach the funding goal, your payment method will be charged the amount you pledged. If they don’t hit that funding goal then your payment method is not charged.

Keep-it-All campaigns are used when the creator knows that they will complete the project, but want to ensure they have enough support to go ahead with production. This often is a good way for them to know how many items to produce, or how big of a performance venue they will need. When you support a Keep-it-all campaign you will be charged at the time of checkout.

When will I be charged?

With All-or-Nothing campaigns some creators will wait until the campaign is complete, but they can also charge your payment method the moment they reach the funding goal, even if the campaign is still ongoing.

When you support a Keep-it-all campaign you will be charged at the time of checkout.

What are the risks?

It’s very important to understand that you are making a contribution to a creator in support of their work and they are committing to sending you a reward in appreciation of your support. Not every project will be successful and as much as a creator will try, there is no guarantee that you will receive your reward.

What happens if the creator I backed doesn’t send me the rewards I selected?

You may ask the creator to refund your money to you if you don’t receive a reward, but there is no guarantee that they will be able to do so. Crowdfundr acts as a marketplace and does not touch any of the money that transacts between you and the creator, and therefore we are not in a position to intervene.

Do I need to create an account to support a campaign?

You are not required to create a ConnectionPoint ID account to support a campaign, but doing so is useful if you want to view your support history and get additional access to Crowdfundr.

I’m a Business or Nonprofit

Can individual creators use Crowdfundr Professional, or just businesses and nonprofits?

Any creator that wants these additional features can also use Crowdfundr Professional. But remember, with great power comes slightly more complexity. If you’re new to crowdfunding or you don’t need the extra features, you might just want to use Crowdfundr Personal.

Is Enterprise Edition right for me?

The main difference between Crowdfundr Professional and Enterprise Edition is that Crowdfundr Professional gives you the ability to manage multiple Crowdfundr Personal creator campaigns, while with Enterprise Edition you can manage both Crowdfundr Personal campaigns and Crowdfundr Professional organization campaigns.

Who gets the funds?

With Crowdfundr Professional, all campaign funds flow to the accounts of the organization that owns the Crowdfundr Professional account. With Enterprise Edition there are two options. Either the funds go to the Enterprise Edition account holder, or they will go to each one of the business or individual campaign owners under that Enterprise Edition account.

Can nonprofits use Crowdfundr?

Absolutely! Crowdfundr has special features to support nonprofits and fiscal sponsors including automated tax receipts. In fact our sister platform FundRazr is all about nonprofits. You’ll want to use Crowdfundr if you are a nonprofit that supports the arts.

I’m a Creator

How does the money flow?

Crowdfundr never touches your money. When you create your account you will link your Stripe and/or PayPal accounts and all payments made by supporters will go directly to your account.

What’s the advantage to using a PayPal Business account?

With a PayPal Business account you will be able to accept credit card payments directly in the checkout flow without having to send supporters to the PayPal checkout flow.

Do I need to use Stripe too?

We recommend that you use Stripe. Creators have found their reporting and fees to be better for them.

When will I get the funding?

With Keep-it-All campaigns, transactions are processed in real time into your Stripe/PayPal accounts. Once your All-or-Nothing campaign reaches its goal, you have the option to trigger funding and all transactions will be processed at that time into your Stripe/PayPal accounts. If you don’t trigger manually, the transactions will be processed at the close of your campaign.

What if I want to switch to a different plan?

You can always switch to another pricing plan, even in the middle of your campaign. To do so, you simply go to the Funding and Deadline Tab and select another pricing model.

Where do I get help?

You can always find help in the Creator Hub, either in the forums or by clicking the Support link.

Does Crowdfundr require exclusivity?

We’d hope to earn your loyalty and we absolutely don’t ask for exclusivity. You’re welcome to use us whenever it is best for you.

Can I run more than one campaign at a time?

Yes you can. We recognize that you don’t stand still and that while production is happening you might be ready to run your next campaign. Additionally, indie publishers and studios need to run more than one campaign to support the creators they work with.

Can I offer shares or equity in my project?

We are not licensed to sell securities, so you may not offer equity. There are other dedicated equity-crowdfunding companies that can help you.

What am I prohibited from doing in my campaign?

We don’t allow projects that are illegal, regulated, hateful or intolerant, potentially harmful to people or the planet, or that violate copyrights.

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