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January 23 to February 28 - Five weeks of Tabletop Nonstop fun on Crowdfundr!

TTRPG Creators Spotlight

As a creator in the TTRPG space, you can get in on the action!

If you crowdfund your project as part of Tabletop Nonstop, you’ll get these amazing benefits:

  • Crowdfundr will promote you and your campaign on social media
  • Be part of Tabletop Nonstop media promotionFULL
  • Get personalized support from the Crowdfundr team
  • Attend webinars from crowdfunding and TTRPG experts
  • Get extra support and marketing from our partner DriveThruRPG
  • Network and become a member of the Creator Hub community


To participate, all you need to do is:

Tabletop Nonstop is a great opportunity to fund your project, introduce your game, accessories, or events to more fans, and get great social media exposure to grow your audience.

Why Crowdfundr?

You decide how we get paid

We offer three pricing plans and let you decide which one works best for your needs. Best of all, with our Simply Free plan, we charge you nothing. That’s right, it’s free! Learn more

All-or-Nothing, or Keep-it-All

It’s your choice, not ours. With All-or-Nothing you and your supporters will be working together towards a funding goal - everyone wins or no one does. With Keep-it-All you get paid out over the course of the campaign and make only as many orders as you received.

Receive Funding ASAP

No need to wait until the campaign is over. If your All-or-Nothing campaign hits your goal early, you can choose to deposit funding immediately and get started fulfilling rewards for your supporters sooner.

Get Started Right Away

With Crowdfundr, you can have your crowdfunding campaign up and running in less than an hour. No approval or extra hassle. Just go and enjoy the process!