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Special 15% Off Discount from Comix Well Spring for Crowdfundr Creators

Add that to free crowdfunding with Crowdfundr and you have an unbeatable deal!

Comix Well Spring delivers the highest quality prints, lightning-fast turnaround time, and unparalleled customer service. All at an incredible price! Comix Well Spring will meet your high expectations and your project will be completed correctly and on time under one roof!

It’s not just comics. They can help you with TTRPGs, Paper Back Books, Posters, Flyers, Retractable Banner Stands, and Table Cloths for conventions, and more.

Special Offer!

Comix Well Spring is offering a special increased discount of 15% to Crowdfundr creators above their usual 10% for other crowdfunding platforms.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!


To receive the discount code, you must follow these ground rules. NO exceptions.

  • No post-campaign discounts.

If your crowdfunding campaign has already been launched or fully funded before you connect with Comix Well Spring, you are not eligible for this program. You must submit your initial request (a link to your unpublished campaign containing the provided image below) BEFORE you launch your crowdfunding campaign.

  • Use your discount code in 60 days or less. 

The discount code provided to you after your campaign succeeds expires 60 days after you’ve received it.


BEFORE you launch your campaign.

Download a Comix Well Spring banner and plug it into your campaign page. Location is up to you, but it must be visible and it must be linked to

IMPORTANT: Coupon limited to use only one time on one order and not combined with other coupon codes.


Email and share your name, campaign name, Crowdfundr page link, and the start and (proposed) end date of your campaign.


Once your campaign (completely) ends in success, email and let them know your campaign has been fully funded.  

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you are planning to use Comix Well Spring for fulfillment services (packaging and shipping your backers their rewards), you must properly fill out this Fulfillment Spreadsheet with all the required information. 

Once confirmed, you’ll receive your dedicated 15% discount code.