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We’ve analyzed our campaigns that reached their goals, and have found 6 key factors they’ve all shared.

Learn what they are, plus find practical tips and worksheets to apply them to your own campaigns!


  • Angie says:

    So if we want to revive our pretty dead campaign, how can we? Is there a way to hide the “98 days running” line? Should we start a new campaign instead of optimizing the current one? (I’d change my rewards, copy, images, video – basically most of it)

  • Shan says:

    Hey Angie!
    You can’t hide the time a campaign has been running without hiding the rest of the stats (campaign goal, amount raised, etc.) as well. So I recommend finishing this campaign and starting fresh. Don’t forget, if the core of the campaign is the same, you can clone it to same time! You’ll still be able to change whatever you want, but it might be quicker than starting with a blank slate.

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