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Behind every successful crowdfunding effort is a dedicated following – or at least a curious interest – in the game that you have to offer. Getting to the point where you HAVE a following, however, is a whole new journey in itself. In this webinar, learn from Pam Punzalan – an award-winning queer Filipina game worker, and discover the 2023 roadmap to building a thriving community around your game while staying authentic to yourself.

Some topics covered include:

  • Voice vs. Brand. Actually, you DON’T have to change much, if anything at all, about who you are as a designer and the work you do in order to sell anything.
  • Tips & Tricks for Building Your Platform in 2023. Sharing practical advice, especially in light of the Twitter exodus.
  • Social Media as an Introvert. How to self-promote without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Want Folks to Buy Your Stuff or Play Your Game? Be There For Them. Thoughts on how not to come off as a selfish, clout-chasing person?
  • Self-Care Off the Platform. Final notes on things you can do when you don’t have everyone’s eyes on you. You are your best weapon!

About our Speaker, Pam Punzalan:

Pam Punzalan is an award-winning queer Filipina game worker based in Toronto – for the majority of her professional life in TTRPGs, she was in the Philippines, advocating for local femme and queer-oriented spaces and for #RPGSEA. Some of her credits include D&D: Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel, Hunter: The Reckoning V5, Spire: Shadow Operations, Starfinder: Tech Revolution & Galactic Magic, and Thirsty Sword Lesbians. She’s currently working on an official Dagger Isles Supplement for Blades in the Dark.

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